Executive Committee, Board Members and Founder advisors

Executive Committee

  • Brent Casey, Executive Director
  • Chad Graham, President and Director of Operations
  • Mike King, Secretary
  • Bryan Casey, Treasurer

Board of Directors

  • Sherri Garner
  • Rick Given
  • Todd Graham
  • Pat O’Leary
  • Tracie Ross

Founders Advisory Board

  • Hershel “Woody” Williams
  • Rex King
  • Rob Kreb
  • Sam Ross
  • Sherri Ross
  • Travie Ross
  • Dave Shively
  • Wayne Witter

Honorary Board Members and Advisors

  • Gene Ball Medal of Honor icon
  • Donald E. Ballard Medal of Honor icon
  • Julius "Bud" Berthold 1 star general icon
  • Sammy Davis Medal of Honor icon
  • Wesley Fox Medal of Honor icon
  • James Livingston Medal of Honor icon
  • Anthony Zinni four star general icon
  • Pat O'Leary
  • George Patton Waters
  • Bryan Rigg, Ph.D. Director, Publishing
  • Valerie Way, Webmaster
  • Christopher Davis, Legal Counsel
  • Chris White, Regional General Aviation Coordinator